Friday, December 13, 2013

OPI Holiday 2013 Colllection~ Kiss me at Midnight

Oh yes, I told you I wanted this color and now I have it! lol I got this one from for around $7 which is a pretty good deal for OPI polish. I put it on tonight and I absoluteley have fallen in love! It's a beautiful blue glittery polish that reminds me of snow. Being in Florida, I could use that reminder ;) What do you think? I think I may order a couple more and I also am looking at a few of the lovely Chrismas polishes form China Glaze as well.
OPI stays on for a very long time and is worth the money. I have a previous post on my purple OPI liquid sand I got Summertime and this polish looks and feels the same. I have no doubt that it will be long lasting as well :) Here are the other colors in the collection...
So many to choose from and all gorgeous. Let me know what ones you will be trying out!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

FDS Personals Perfectly Portable Cleansing Cloths~Brand Backer

I recieved 3 packages of FDS Personals Portable Cleasing Cloths from the BrandBacker website. These cloths are for women who like to have that fresh feeling of cleanliness and no odor. They come in cute packages that are very girly and you can;t tell what they are so you can carry them to the bathroom as is. The cloths are very soft, pre moistened and have a fresh fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh. I highly recommend them and will be buying them from now on.
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. As you know, I am a member of Tomoson. Tomoson is a website you where you can apply for different things that fit you. For example, I received a makeup box on there. The company that sent me that was You go on their site at and create your own beauty box. They will ask you what colors, shades etc that you like then send you your own beauty box! Here is what came in mine...
I recieved loose blush, line filler, nail polish, eyelid primer and lipgloss!!! They have different boxes as well and all to fit your style. They have accessories, jewelry, intimates and a holiday box. You receive a new box every month for just $36, you can't beat that at all and the makeup I know is amazing! I am now proud to be an affiliate with them so if you are interested in one, please contact me! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kiss Graduation Polishes

I received the Kiss Graduation Polishes from Influensters Rose Vox Box. Influenster is a great place you can join to try out products that fit your lifestyle. Hurry and sign up at! I received the darker polishes. You have 3 bottles. The lightest you put on the whole nail, the medium shade you paint from the middle of the nail to the bottom and the darkest color you paint on just the bottom tip.
It makes it look like an ombre effect on your nails.
It turned out ok but I think there must be a better trick to it because I wasn't that satisfied with the outcome. I also used a top coat and it started peeling the next day. Has anyone else used these?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sinful Colors Sapphired Up

I ended up at Walgreens last night at 10:30 because I forgot to pick up a prescription (UGH) Anyways, I went past the Sinful Colors nail polish display and I fell in love with the beautiful Sinful Colors in Sapphired Up which is part of their new Winter Holiday polishes I mentioned before. It is a gorgeous sparkly blue that is kind of like the liquid sand texture. I also used 2012's OPI in Swimsuit Nailed It which is a beautiful sparkly blue to go with it since the colors are pretty much the same. Here's a picture of them. OPI on the left and Sinful Colors on the right.
I put on one coat of the OPI because it was really thick and didn't need anymore than that. Then, I followed up with one coat of the Sinful Colors. Such a gorgeous blue. The picture doesn't do it justice but here it is ;)
My nails are so much brighter in person too. I love this color, it's going to be added to one of my favorites I'm sure lol OPI ranges for about $8 a bottle and I had that one already. If you want to get a similair color I suggest Wet n Wilds Blue Visionary which retails at $1.99. What colors are you interested in buying from the collection?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Garnier Nutrisse Foam Hair Color in Medium Brown

I have recently only been using foam hair dye because it makes less mess for me and doesn't smell as strong of ammonia as the others. We have been in a fiannacial bind so I decided to find something that was on sale. I found Garnier Nutrisse at CVS for $6.99 so why not give it a shot? Here is the box and what comes in it...
It sits on for about 25 minutes and like the usual hair dyes you rinse it out and wash with the color conditioner that comes in the box. Here are my end results!
I think it came out great! I have a few grays which it did cover and I'm hoping the results last a bit. I'll keep you updated :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jordana Twist and Shine Lip Stain~Cranberry Crush

I went out to Walgreens and bought the new Jordana Twist and Shine Lip Stain in Cranberry Crush.
Pic credit to It retails at 2.99 and it's amazing! I didn't even use a lip liner which is always a plus. It goes on nice and smooth and even smells like Cranberries! It puts you in that festive mood ;)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sinful Colors Tinseltown

Isn't it pretty?!!! Think of Sally Hansen's Fuzzy coat nail polish, the textured ones, that's what this one is like. They are little sticks of glitter with a clear polish mixed in. This one is textured glitter in purple and blue. I bought this at Walgreens for $1.99 and sometimes they will have deals on them 2 for $3 or 99 cents each. I painted my toes with it and the reason being is my nail polish lasts longer on them so I tend to do my toes less often. Here's a picture...
I really did like this because I am all crazy over these textured nail polishes! I bought the China Glaze Snow one like you and can't wait to use that one lol The only thing I didn't like was applying 4-5 coats to make it look like the above picture. The thing is with these is that they don't have to be perfect because they are scattered glitter. I think next time I will pick a plain blue or purple polish to put on first then add a coat of this. Any other colors of these you'd like to try?

Rimmel London's Scandal Mascara

I received Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes mascara in black form the Influenster RoseVoxBox. The wand is shaped diferenetly than most mascaras. It is small at the tip, then get's bigger as you can see in the picture below.
This is great to me for getting those tiny lashes that are closer to your nose. The color is a deep black and I love that as well, ofcourse I only use black mascara. They run around $7 and if you go to Walgreens this week you can buy one get one half off, so go and try a different kind! I highly recommend this mascara :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Walgreens Christmas Goodies!

I went to Walgreens today to pick up my prescription and as I thought, they were clearancing (is that a word?)out thier Halloween stuff and putting up Christmas things. Well, I hit the Mother load! Unfortunatley I am so broke at the moment but hoping next week I'll have some cash to pick up some of these new beauty items. First up, I came across the Sinful Colors nail polish display.
Nouveaucheap has a run down of them all on their blog so go check it out. I really want some of the textured ones so when I get them I'll post a review asap! Moving on... I also found the Wet n Wild Fergie Holiday display
They have mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, eyelashes, brushes etc etc lol I love Wet n Wild so I definiteley will be purchasing some of these as well. You cannot go wrong with Wet n Wild eyeshadows and I know I say it a lot but it is true. Very cheap but amazing pigmentation! Last but sure not least is the E.L.F. goodies!
I have 3, 32 piece eyeshadow palettes of E.L.F. and the pigmentation is amazing on those as well. Pictured above are eyeshadow palettes, blushes, nail polish etc. It does look like they have more coming in stock too. I am pretty disappointed though because I ddin't see any of the Disney Villians makeup that they had out for Halloween. I was hoping to find them on a good sale and grab up some Ursula ones but nope, didn't see any :( Anyway, go check out Walgrens and pick up some of these asap and remember to look for deals! Sign up at for a sneak peek of the upcoming weekly ads :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nails

So, the other day I was out shopping and decided to go by Dollar Tree for something. I honestly don't remember the reason but I don't think I cared because I love going there and finding goodies lol I went to the makeup isle and low and behold I found Sally Hansen's Magnetic nail polishes! I have wanted these for a while and at $6 a bottle I didn't want to buy them and then get home and not like them but as you know, at Dollar Tree, everything is just $1 so SCORE! I got two of them, the purple and the blue.
You put on however many coats you like (I did 3) then tip the top of the bottle upside down. Put the magnet as close as you can get to your nail without touching it and hold it for 10-15 seconds. When you move the magnet away, you have cool, wavy lines! I used the purple first. My advice is paint one nail then hold the magnet to them then off to the next one. I know it takes way longer but it was the only way it worked for me.
So go check your local Dollar Tree and tell me what goodies you can find! :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Nails!

Hi all!!! I entered a contest on Facebook for Kiss Nails a few weeks ago for a free ImPress Halloween nail set and won! I love this design!
The kit includes 24 nails in different sizes made to fit your nails specifically. You peel off the inside and press them onto your nail beds for about 10 seconds and tada, you are done!
Easy peasy! These kits come in short, medium and long lengths and retail around $6-$8 a set which is amazing considering the salon prices are way too high nowadays. I've seen them mainly at Walgreens and CVS and can't wait until Christmas to try those ones out. If you're looking or a cheap set for a special occasion these are for you! :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

As you know, Halloween is well on it's way so I wanted to try something new. I went to CVS looking at their new makeup products and came across Wet n Wilds Glow in the dark nail polish.
I think it's a cool concept and wanted to give it a try. I researched to see if you could put it on top of another color and it would still do the job and I was told you can but I wanted to see what it would look like without it.
As you can see, it looks like a just put a neutral color on but when the lights go off they do glow and look pretty cool! I'll have to try it again ontop of a different color because I don't like plain nails lol I have seen them at CVS, Walgreens and Kmart for $1.99 so go buy one and experiment! :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Avon Calling...

Well, I am officially an Avon Lady! My job searching isn't going so well so I decided to give this a go. Since I LOVE makeup so much I figured why not? Here is my site and feel free to order anything you'd like or not. Thanks :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

OPI Holiday Polishes Coming Soon!

Eeeeeeeek I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new nail polishes. I truly believe a girl can never have too many and I have many! That being said, OPI is releasing a Holiday edition as usual which includes the AMAZING liquid sand polishes. The "spokes model" is Mariah Carey yet again and the colors are FABULOUS! Take look see...
OPI's website does not have them online as of yet but should very soon. Here is a look at the older ones from this year as well
I do have the purple one, Can't Let Go, and it is fabulous! The color lasts for a very long time and it's super easy to take off which surprised me. More to come soon on a release date. I will be first in line to buy these :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OPI Mani!

I have been obsessed with OPI nail polishes for a few years. OPI has the BEST polishes that I have ever used and that includes it beating out Essie. I have many many bottles of which I will make a post about soon. Anyway, I want to say my most used botle of OPI is Crown Me Already. It is a goregeous silver glitter color and I use it to put on my ring fingers while my other fingers are a solid color or over lap it with a sheer light color. This is OPI's Crown Me Already
With the mani I did I used a the Crown Me Already on my ring fingernails and I used OPI's Russian Navy on the rest of my nails. I am so obsessed wih Russian Navy! It's a dark blue that actually looks purple in the bottle. I use it a lot and will be buying it when I run out. Here is a picture of Russian Navy.
and here is my little mani! Love it :)
OPI is sold at many hair salons, grocery stores, pharmacies and also Jc Penny! Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers

If you love Wet n Wild as much as I do then you know exactly what the Fantasy Makers are! This comes around Halloween time and they have tons of makeup for a lot of womens costumes such as Vampiress, Female Fetale, Wicked Queen and Pixie Princess! I have never used these but as you know I am a HUGE wet n Wild fan so ofcourse I will be buying some for you all to check out soon! I already picked out the ones I'll try first, check below!
and here is the display at our local Spirit Halloween!
and here is the Kmart display!
I really can't wait to try these out!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Falsies Pics

Ugh Sorry guys but no tutorial today for the lashes! Today has been a busy day and I was sick for most of it and didn't get a chance to do a thing but I plan on doing the tutorial tomorrow. It was my first time with lashes and they were a bit challenging to do! I did use the Duo Lash Glue and I thought it worked well but I had to let it sit for about 5 minutes instead of the 30 seconds they say so it could get tacky enough to apply them. The natural ones I saw no difference because my lashes are already thick and then the dramatic ones I thought looked pretty great! Let me post the link where I ordered these from on Amazon Tomorrow I will be trying the ELF ones though that I had a picture up on the previous post. Below is a picture of me without lashes
Me with natural Lashes
Me with Long Dramatic Lashes
So with me I have to do the dramatic ones to show more! The ELF ones I purchased look more full and longer than these so I can't wait to try them. Look out for that post tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Today I decided to talk about E.L.F. cosmetics! Now they are more than just makeup, they have brushes as well that I just love and I have about 5 of them so far, reason being is I could only find those ones lol Anyway, I do have 2 brushes on order from them and that is the eye blending brush and the crease brush and I can't wait to do get them and do a tutorial on all of them! Now, I don't just Love E.L.F. for their brushes, I also love their makeup too! The HD powder is just absolutely amazing. It's a white powder so you shouldn't use alot and it has a shimmery finish. It's also compared to Makeup Forever's HD Powder which retails at about $30! Ugh yeah too expensive for me but you can get E.L.F.'s for $4 from Amazon! The only differnce is you get 10 grams with MF and 8 grams with E.L.F. but that's it, no other difference at all so this one is a no brainer! I have also bought 3 different palletes of eyeshadow from E.L.F and each has 32 colors at $5 a piece. My experience with them is great as well. I also, Love love love their eyelid primer, it's a neutral color that you apply before your eyeshadow to make it last twice a long, that was $1. My eye makeup stays on great for about 6 hours or so with this stuff! I also have purchased their natural and dramatic lash kit for 99 cents a piece at dollar tree and I will be doing that tutorial tomorrow as I posted in my previous blog. I am slo a huge fan of the HD blush but a little warning is less is more lol The first time I used it it was way way way too much but use their stipple brush with it and it goes on perfectly, that was $2.99. They also have a product called mist and set. After you apply all of your makeup you spritz this on your face and it keeps your makeup in tact, it works very very well! The Mist and Set was $3 or $4. I do have a few more items as well, the picture is below. Have any questions about any of these products please let me know! They are all very cheap but of high quality! Thanks for stopping by :)

Big Fake Eyelash Tutorial Coming 9/9/13 :)

So I bought tons of these fake eyelashes to mess with and from watching some of my favorite girls on youtube I have discovered that I was doing it wrong! lol Well you gotta learn somewhere right? As you can see of the picture on my Ravens makeup page, my eyelashes do look fake but nope they arent! I do have long lashes but I'm very curious to see how they will look like with the falsies on. I have a pair of the E.L.F. eyelashes in natural that I bought at Dollar Tree! Yup, you heard me right, E.L.F. cosmetics at Dollar Tree! They had the lip stains, duo eyeliners, concealer pencils with sharpeners and the eye lashes. I was there last week and the eyelashes are brand new so I will be going in there weekly and give you all an update on that ;) I'm going to be doing a video on this turorial and will be using my iphone to do so. You don't need close ups like a makeup tutorial so I hope it's going to work haha Watch out for it on Monday and thanks! :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baltimore Ravens Eye Makeup

Hey guys! Well, as you know it's Football season! I for one am I huge fan of Football, especially my Baltimore Ravens! If you are familiar with them then you know their colors are purple and black. So finding an eyeshadow pallete for that was so easy. I headed on down to Walgreens to pick up Wet n Wild's Fergie Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette in “Maldives Sky”
Now, I actually only used two colors in this pallete and that was the dark purple and the matte black in the center, that's it! I started with a neutral brown along my crease of the eye using my essence of beauty crease duo brushes. I highly recommend them for the perfect crease coloring! They are around $5 and come in a pack of 2 at CVS, 1 small dome brush and one bigger dome brush. Next, I used my E.L.F. eyeshadow flat brush and lightly dabbed the purple on my lid, I did that two times per eye. I also took out my E.L.F. crease brush and used the purple along my bottom lash line for a pop of color. Just a little fyi, purple goes great with green eyes! After that, I took the black and put it over my brown shade on the crease and added a little to the corner of my eye. I added 2 coats of mascara then lined my bottom and lower lash line with Jordana eyeliner in black. That's it, all done! It took maybe 10 minutes if that I believe. Also, yes those are my real eyelashes, I have very thick ones and it probably explains why I can't get the fake ones to stick to them lol Anyway, I can do a video tutorial on it as well but all I have at the moment is my iphone for video so we can see how that goes haha Thanks for stopping by! :)

Disney Ariel Makeup Collection

So I'm browsing along the interenet and what do I see? THIS~
Yup, A beautiful colored eyeshadow pallete from Sephora and the colors are from The Little Mermaid! It's called Disney Ariel Makeup Collection. I don't know about you but I LOVE the Disney Princesses and Ariel just happens to be my favroite one! The Pallette is $55 and comes in an array of colors that I'm sure have great pigmentation because Sephora's products do rock! The Colors included are: Blue Lagoon (shimmering blue) Scuttle (shimmering pinky beige) Flounder (matte nude) Sebastian (matte coraly pink) Flotsam (deep blue charcoal) Sea Shells (shimmering ivory) Les Poissons (dusty satin mauve) Caspian Sea (shimmering rich turquoise) Your Voice (glistening silver pearl) Unfortunate Souls (matte lavender grey) Atlantica (shimmering sea foam green) Fins (glittery mermaid green) Sick Of Swimmin’ (shimmering opalescent) Ursula (pearly purple) Sha La La La (matte dark fuchsia) Triton (shimmering gold) Wanderin’ Free (shimmering pink champagne) Jetsam (deep teal with dark iridescent glitter) Sea Witch (pearly violet) More to come soon...