Sunday, September 8, 2013


Today I decided to talk about E.L.F. cosmetics! Now they are more than just makeup, they have brushes as well that I just love and I have about 5 of them so far, reason being is I could only find those ones lol Anyway, I do have 2 brushes on order from them and that is the eye blending brush and the crease brush and I can't wait to do get them and do a tutorial on all of them! Now, I don't just Love E.L.F. for their brushes, I also love their makeup too! The HD powder is just absolutely amazing. It's a white powder so you shouldn't use alot and it has a shimmery finish. It's also compared to Makeup Forever's HD Powder which retails at about $30! Ugh yeah too expensive for me but you can get E.L.F.'s for $4 from Amazon! The only differnce is you get 10 grams with MF and 8 grams with E.L.F. but that's it, no other difference at all so this one is a no brainer! I have also bought 3 different palletes of eyeshadow from E.L.F and each has 32 colors at $5 a piece. My experience with them is great as well. I also, Love love love their eyelid primer, it's a neutral color that you apply before your eyeshadow to make it last twice a long, that was $1. My eye makeup stays on great for about 6 hours or so with this stuff! I also have purchased their natural and dramatic lash kit for 99 cents a piece at dollar tree and I will be doing that tutorial tomorrow as I posted in my previous blog. I am slo a huge fan of the HD blush but a little warning is less is more lol The first time I used it it was way way way too much but use their stipple brush with it and it goes on perfectly, that was $2.99. They also have a product called mist and set. After you apply all of your makeup you spritz this on your face and it keeps your makeup in tact, it works very very well! The Mist and Set was $3 or $4. I do have a few more items as well, the picture is below. Have any questions about any of these products please let me know! They are all very cheap but of high quality! Thanks for stopping by :)

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