Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big Fake Eyelash Tutorial Coming 9/9/13 :)

So I bought tons of these fake eyelashes to mess with and from watching some of my favorite girls on youtube I have discovered that I was doing it wrong! lol Well you gotta learn somewhere right? As you can see of the picture on my Ravens makeup page, my eyelashes do look fake but nope they arent! I do have long lashes but I'm very curious to see how they will look like with the falsies on. I have a pair of the E.L.F. eyelashes in natural that I bought at Dollar Tree! Yup, you heard me right, E.L.F. cosmetics at Dollar Tree! They had the lip stains, duo eyeliners, concealer pencils with sharpeners and the eye lashes. I was there last week and the eyelashes are brand new so I will be going in there weekly and give you all an update on that ;) I'm going to be doing a video on this turorial and will be using my iphone to do so. You don't need close ups like a makeup tutorial so I hope it's going to work haha Watch out for it on Monday and thanks! :)

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