Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nails

So, the other day I was out shopping and decided to go by Dollar Tree for something. I honestly don't remember the reason but I don't think I cared because I love going there and finding goodies lol I went to the makeup isle and low and behold I found Sally Hansen's Magnetic nail polishes! I have wanted these for a while and at $6 a bottle I didn't want to buy them and then get home and not like them but as you know, at Dollar Tree, everything is just $1 so SCORE! I got two of them, the purple and the blue.
You put on however many coats you like (I did 3) then tip the top of the bottle upside down. Put the magnet as close as you can get to your nail without touching it and hold it for 10-15 seconds. When you move the magnet away, you have cool, wavy lines! I used the purple first. My advice is paint one nail then hold the magnet to them then off to the next one. I know it takes way longer but it was the only way it worked for me.
So go check your local Dollar Tree and tell me what goodies you can find! :)

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