Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio~Sweet As Candy

Well, recently I've been into a kind of new makeup routine lol I wanted to try some new products because the old ones just weren't cutting it! I surfed the internet looking for beauty tutorials and figured I may as well start at eyeshadows. They make your eyes pop and come in a huge array of colors so that should be fun but what brand do I try? Arrrgh! After my "research" I decided to give Wet N Wild a try. Sure, I used their products when I was younger but hey, I'm 31 now so it's time to grow up and that includes my makeup, right? Wrong! Let me tell you something about Wet n Wild, well a lot of things! First off, pigmentation is so very important with eyeshadows because we want the color that is shown on the pallete and we want it to last! I went to Dollar General and low and behold I found Wet N Wild trios. The color I picked up was Sweet As Candy and I picked it up because it neutral colors and a pop of pink! The color selection goes with any and everything you wear so why not? Here's a picture of Sweet As Candy~
The top color is a creamy eggshell color that goes on your brow bone (under your eyebrow) as a highlighter. The middle color is a pretty, muted brown color that you put in the crease of your eye for an enhancing effect. The bottom color is a sweet, light pink that you put on your eye lid. Now I always use an eyelid primer prior to use because they make your eyeshadow last much longer and it gives it a clean slate for color to go on correctly, but I have used this without it and it lasts about 6 hours or so which is pretty darn good! Now, I've done some swatches of these colors as well and I used the the underside of my forearm because it's more close to your skin tone and hairless. Here's a swatch picture for you~
As you can see, the colors are very pigmented and these do have a shimmer to them that is just gorgeous! There are several Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios and I'm going to be doing a post on every one so you can pick and choose which ones you like. I haven't bought them all but I have about 9 or 10. They are sold at Dollar General, Walgreens, Kmart and CVS. That's the stores here in Florida where I have seen them at, of course Wet N Wild is a very popular brand so I'm sure you can find them at other places as well. Their website is www.wnwbeauty.com and you can order from them too if you'd like. The Trios I have found everywhere for $2.99! For that pigmentation and 3 different colors you just can't go wrong! I can do a tutorial on them as well, just let me know! Thanks for coming by! :)


  1. Ok now I click on the pic and zoom in and really see the colors put the pink up a little higher on the eyelid I see that's shimmery very pretty pink a little more of the cream color under the brow and to blend a little more so the colors don't look like they on top if each other great description of the product

  2. Thanks so much Sweetie! Learning as I go with your help of course ;)

  3. Eyeshadows scare me so I love the swatches. They seem much more mellow on skin than in a pallette.

  4. Yup exactly, that's why I like to do the swatches and review those first before I buy :)