Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BA*Star Cosmetics

I absoluteley LOVE these colors! I am all into Neons right now and especially this Summer they are gonna be HOT HOT HOT! It's time to trade in your neutral warm colors for Summertime and neon is the way to go. Why not only dress up your nails? Make your makeup match as well! Thank you to BA*Star cosmetics for this pallette of amazing, bright colors. I had on pink today so it was the perfect time to try the pink eyeshadow. Use the white primer first to make your bright shine and pop out even more then apply the eyeshadow. I only applied once and the pigmentation is amazing and lasts all day long as you can see.
I can't wait to try out the other colors and order more from them. Hurry and head to their website listed below and use the special code for 50% off!
 Let me know what you order ad how much you like them! Get 50% Off with this special code:50TROPIC Powered by BrandBacker

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