Friday, July 4, 2014

OPI 4th of July Nails

Well, it's that time of the year again. American flags flying high, grilling yummy food and family reunions! Yay! Well sometimes yay for the family reunions haha  So, of course I had to do a mani for the 4th of July, America's Birthday. OPI is my favorite nail polish hands down. I started buying it a few years back and haven't stopped, it started my nail polish obsession you could say. The colors are phenomenal and more than that, they stay on for a very long period of time, for me it can be up to 2 weeks!

I did a very pretty manicure for the 4th of July to be festive and celebrate our country! Check it out....

 Crown Me Already~ A silver glitter with multi-sized hex glitter. It's like having disco balls on your nails! Dating a Royal~ A royal blue creamy polish that looks perfect with any skin tone Alpine Snow~ A Bright, white, crisp creamy polish Getting Miss Piggy With It~ A bright red glitter shade. It is packed with micas and sparkle for a 3D textured look!
I also used a dotting tool to make the white dots on my middle fingers. You can find them very cheap on Amazon.

  Thanks for checking out my mani and thanks to Reviewz & Newz  for featuring me on their blog!    Happy 4th of July!!! :)


  1. My daughter did something similar to this for the 4th. She loves nail polish with sparkles.

  2. I could never polish my nails and have them looking that neat. You did a great job, I am really impressed!


  3. I had my nails done up for the fourth but I paid for it and yours look much nicer. I wish I could do this but I do not have a steady enough hand. Lucky to get them painted one color without a mess :)

  4. I love the nails! I managed to forget to mine and was had disappointed family members lol. It's become a tradition to see what I have on my nails for each holiday.

    I am digging that red!

  5. I use to paint my daughters nail every 4th of July and make cute little designs and my niece would do the same. We all had sparkly nails. This just gave me a cool flashback. Love your nails too :)

  6. I think OPI is the best nail polish--it lasts the longest! Cute nail designs!